Anger Management Class: A Free Introductory Workshop from Dr. Joe

Anger Management Introductory Video link


If you’re looking to take an anger management class click on the link above right now to watch my free introductory workshop. You’ll learn how advances in brain science have completely changed the way anger management should be approached.  I promise you it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen and that you’ll never look at anger or yourself the same way.

Why Take an Anger Management Class?

If you’re like many of my clients taking my one of my classes chances are that you’re looking at this site today of all days because something really bad just happened.

Maybe you did something that you feel so awful about that you can no longer deny that you have an anger problem. Maybe you don’t think you need an anger management class but someone very important to you thinks you do and is telling you to get help or else.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here. No one likes to admit they have an anger problem. As you’ll see in the workshop, I truly know what it’s like to be in your shoes right now.

Regardless of what got you here you’ve taken an important step by beginning to explore. The first step is sometimes the hardest one of all. The rest is easy by comparison.

Is An Anger Management Class Right for You?

If you’re tired of…

  • Regretting things you’ve said or done
  • Feeling Misunderstood
  • Losing or damaging relationships
  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed all the time
  • Losing the respect of your kids or seeing fear in their eyes when they look at you
  • Losing opportunities at work
  • Having people think of your personality as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

And you’re ready to…

  • Control your emotions instead of them controlling you
  • Stop embarrassing yourself
  • Save your relationships/stop hurting the ones you love
  • Defuse your anger before it strikes
  • Express yourself in a way that will leave people respecting you instead of being afraid of you or looking at you like you’re the problem
  • Regain the respect of your partner and your kids

You’ve come to the right place.

After close to 20 years of clinical practice I’ve created what you’ll find to be the most practical and cutting edge set of anger management techniques available.

This 12 lesson class starts at the very beginning by exploring your brain on anger and uses a building block approach with each lesson showing you anger management techniques which dovetail the techniques covered in the previous lesson. Each lesson comes in as a book chapter, workbook exercises, video and mp3 so I’ve got the bases covered no matter what your learning style is.

No fluff, no complicated tricks, just very practical and effective anger management techniques that I have tested and retested in the close to 20 years I spent developing this anger management course.

My belief that this anger management class can show you how to have the life you’ve always wanted is so strong that I’m offering the first 30 days RISK FREE as my gift to you!! If you don’t feel the course is for you, you can quit at anytime and you will not be charged dime one!!

This is a very important decision –  you owe it to yourself to take the time to watch my free introductory anger management class video and decide whats right for you.

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